Testimonial: Bruce Taubert


"I purchased "Photographing Acadia National Park-The Essential Guide to When, Where, and How" because my wife and I will be traveling to Acadia National Park for the first time this October to photograph the coastline and colors of the Northeastern United States.  Holy smoke did I get more than I paid for!  Not only does this publication show me where to go, how to get there, and give me guidance on how to take the photograph, it takes me into the heart and soul of the Park and its people.  Never have I read or found such detailed directions to fantastic locations, including roads and trails, time of day to get the best shots, suggested equipment, and all of the small details about photography that will make my trip a success.  The layout of the book makes it easy to know where you are and where you want to go. The directions are easy to read and understand. 


Colleen also presents "Making the Photo" discussions on different ways to look at the park.  Read for yourself Colleen's experiences photographing Psychedilic Skypools,Chasing the Stars, Looking for Answers (photograhing bubbles in aquatic grass), and other inspriational and innovative ways of experiencing photography. Do not miss the section on Fish Sandwiches where Colleen takes a boat ride and has lunch with Wes Shaw, one of the local residents.


I found myself enjoying the Guide not only for the knowledgable and unselfish presentation of Colleen's years of experience photographing the Park but because of her engaging voice.  What more could I ask for-photographic expertise in a readable package.  Colleen has set a new bar for travel photography guides.      
If you are going to Acadia National Park to photograph one of our natural wonders, purchase Colleen's book.  If you are interested in the beauty, history, and fabric of the National Park and its surrounds, purchase this book.  If you are a photographer that does not plan on visiting the park but wants to improve their talents and be stimulated by a wonderfully written book on photography, purchase this book."

~Bruce Taubert, professional photographer, Bruce Taubert Wildlife Photography