Testimonial: Lori Johnson


"OK, you might as well just change your name from CMS Photography to OMG Photography, because this Acadia book is freaking amazing! I just downloaded it a short while ago and I’m already overwhelmed! I can’t believe that it not only has well over 200 pages, but that each one is PACKED with comprehensive info - not only background information about each location within Acadia and the best times of day and year for photo ops, but also detailed photography tips and what gear is optimal for each stop along the way. The Photography Basics section alone is worth reading in preparation for any landscape photo adventure, whether one ever goes to Maine or not.

I haven’t even mentioned the quality of the photography yet because the only words you need to describe this stunning collection of images are Colleen’s very own words. What I particularly enjoy is the personal touch – the Making the Photo sidebars really bring you right into the scene and make you wish you were there, whether it’s crossing the bay for a fish sandwich or surviving a blizzard. While the images alone are worthy of the best in coffee table books, “Photographing Acadia National Park” is no mere portfolio, nor is it a photography how-to book or travel guide - it’s all of those, plus an adventure story!

Although the e-copy is handy for traveling, I’m so glad I also got a hard copy, as I just want to lie in bed and savor every page! Thanks for the book, Colleen, and I can’t wait to read any and all of your future books!

~Lori A. Johnson