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"If you tote a camera with you to Acadia National Park, this guide can only enhance both your experience and your photos."

~National Parks Traveler


"If you are planning a visit to Acadia this year and you love to use your camera, look no further: this exceptional guidebook is for you. Photographing Acadia is a resource I'll refer to again and again. As they say here in Maine, this book is 'finestkind.' "

~Michael Alden, New England Images


"I found it the most pleasant and informational photo travel book I have ever read.  Never have I read or found such detailed directions to fantastic locations, including roads and trails, time of day to get the best shots, suggested equipment, and all of the small details about photography that will make my trip a success. Colleen has set a new bar for travel photography guides." (Read more of Bruce's testimonial)

~Bruce Taubert, Bruce Taubert Wildlife Photography   


"Your book is excellent, one of the best guides of its kind that I have read, and I've read plenty of them.  I love the way you have organized the material by putting the optimum time of day and other considerations at the beginning of each local discussion.  It makes putting it all together so much easier."

~Herb Fixler, Herb Fixler Photography


"This is the best photo guide I have ever read, and I've read a lot! This book has everything. I've visited Acadia at least 30 times over the years, read LOTS of books and articles about it, but I learned a vast amount of useful, new to me info from this book. This book far outdistances and outclasses everything I've read before about photographing Acadia, and is a must for any photographer going there. Further, the non-photography info makes it very attractive to the non-photographer spouse/companion/significant other."

~Paul Barcewicz (from Amazon review)


"This book is THE BEST book of its type that I’ve seen.  The combination of locations, tips, pretty pictures and mostly putting your personality into it is a winning combination."

~J. Moskowitz


"This is the most extensive guide to photographing Acadia that you will find. I've visited Acadia numerous times, and this book highlights the iconic scenes of the park as well as areas that I had never found on my own. If you're a photographer visiting Acadia National Park for the first time or the fiftieth, this book is the companion you should bring along with you."

~Mark (from Amazon review)


"The book is beautiful, so well done. The photographs, the information and the stories are all so interesting and engaging… I would say your book is the creme dela creme. Your book sets the bar."

~Kerry Smith


"If you would like to see some truly stunning images of Acadia National Park along with insightful area information, check out my friend Colleen Miniuk-Sperry's new published book. It is stunning."

~Denise Carson


“This is a champion of a book.”

~Debbie Taylor, Sherman's Bookstore


"The book is stunning."

~ Donald Maloney, Bang Printing


" sets a new standard for photography guides, because it's chocked full with your personal experiences."

~Ron Balbin


"Excellent book! We're heading to Acadia this summer and this book is an excellent field book for locations, hiking skill levels, best time of year for each location and so much more, plus filled with beautiful photography (I wouldn't expect anything less from Colleen). Highly recommended."

~Bob Zimmerlich


"OK, you might as well just change your name from CMS Photography to OMG Photography, because this Acadia book is freaking amazing! I can’t believe that it not only has well over 200 pages, but that each one is PACKED with comprehensive info - not only background information about each location within Acadia and the best times of day and year for photo ops, but also detailed photography tips and what gear is optimal for each stop along the way. The Photography Basics section alone is worth reading in preparation for any landscape photo adventure, whether one ever goes to Maine or not. While the images alone are worthy of the best in coffee table books, “Photographing Acadia National Park” is no mere portfolio, nor is it a photography how-to book or travel guide - it’s all of those, plus an adventure story!" (Read more of Lori's testimonial)

~Lori A. Johnson


"So good! Love my copy, already putting some of your inspirational juices to use. Can't wait to shoot Acadia!"

~Benjamin Williamson


"This book is exceptionally well written and the excellent images will inspire you to visit Acadia National Park, as well as other locations, to create your own images.  The detailed information about the equipment and techniques Colleen used will give you ideas for your own photography that you may not have otherwise considered.  The section on "Photography Basics" and the "Shoot Calendar" make this book a most valuable resource for photographers at all levels."

~Ray Turkin


"This is a great book! This is not just for photographers....anyone who wants a thorough guide to visiting this beautiful park would benefit from this book! It's more than a photography guide, beautiful photos, travel guide, history info, hiking info, oh and photography pointers."

~Kim Gray


"It is a beautiful book!  The layout and design is well done, and the book is packed full of valuable information and beautiful images!  It would be a "must have" for any photographer visiting Acadia."

~Ron Niebrugge, professional photographer,


"… just wanted to say Thank You for your amazing book I received today....looks just incredible with just a quick thumb through it!!  So many photos that draw you in so can't wait to sit down and read it all...”

~Denise Schultz


“I saw your book today and it is incredible.”

~Cheri Sankey


"I've been to Acadia at least a dozen times and Colleen has found things that I didn't know."

~Jim Swenson


"I've also been reading your book and find it very engaging.  It has a nice mix of natural history, park information, photo ideas, inspirational stories and of course spectacular images. A book that photographers of all levels will find valuable. The love and attention you've put into it is obvious.  Congratulations.  I'll be recommending it on my photo walks."

~Bob Thayer, Bob Thayer Photography


"...your books combine your superb organizational skills with your creative side. Awesome!"
~Alice Slack


"I just finished reading it and I must say I am very impressed with the amount of detail that has been presented. I am planning a visit to Acadia in a couple of weeks and now have a  huge problem in figuring out which of the very many suggested locations to visit."

~Ashley B.


"My wife and I just got back from Acadia and used your book extensively.The book is a great resource...not only for photography opportunities/information but also as a general guide to the park.  We spent 5 days in the park and used the book every day...Thanks again, great job!!!!"

~Steve and Alice T.


"Just returned from Maine including a week in Acadia, using your book as our guide. THANK YOU for this wonderful, educational, detailed guide. I can honestly say your book was what we (a group of 6, 2 of whom are amateur photographers, myself included) used almost exclusively to decide where to go each day. The other photographer had been to Acadia numerous times but many of the sites we visited, he was not familiar with. I wish you had many other guides! Just wanted to tell you how much we all appreciated the work you put into this masterpiece!"

~Madeleine G.